Greek’s Pizzeria Job Application

History of Greek’s Pizzeria

Greek’s Pizzeria is a franchise business which is founded by Athanasios Chris Karamesines who established his first pizzeria in 1969. Karamesines had worked in every pizza franchise in the United States and knew what they were using in their recipes; he learned the pizza trade from the crust up. The business offers pizza using fresh vegetables, all milk cheese instead of skim milk cheese and cooking it all on Neapolitan, hand tossed dough that is made fresh daily. Greek’s Pizzeria uses an enclosed or open kitchen concept, using wood or gas-fired ovens. Specialties include gourmet pizzas, garlic butter breadsticks, pizza shells (calzones), pastas and subs and all of these are served at a relaxed atmosphere with personalized attention and excellent customer service as well as excellent food quality.

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Job Description/Wage Averages:

Pizza Chef: The Pizza chef prepares ingredients for pizza- the pizza dough, grate cheese, slice and chop pizza toppings such as vegetables and meats. Some also make fresh tomato sauce, while others use prepared sauce. He/She then makes pizzas and other foods according to customer orders. Pizza chefs usually make pizza to sell by the slice as well. Pizza chefs must ensure that the kitchen meets safety and health standards as well.   The average wage can start at around $8 per hour.

Server: The service takes and delivers orders to the customers of the restaurant. He/She must promptly attend to the customer’s needs and must work to ensure customer satisfaction.   The average wage can start at around $3   per hour plus tips.

Assistant Manager: This position is the alter ego of the restaurant general manager. He will help in providing exceptional food quality and guest service; help in the training and development of their staff.   He/She will focus on building sales, controlling costs, and learning all aspects of our business.   The average wage can start at around $11 per hour.

Delivery Driver:   This person has the duties to deliver the ordered pizza to customers. He/She has to perform the following duties: take delivery notes from the supplier and after supplying it to the customer, make a receipt of it; check his vehicle’s brakes, controls, fuel content etc on a daily basis before starting out; assist in loading and unloading goods onto/off his vehicle.   The average wage can start at around $8 per hour plus tips.


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This company offers different benefit package for one position to another; to get more details on this, you may check out the store near your location or you may visit the company’s website.

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