Giant Eagle Job Application

History of Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle Grocery store was originally named the Eagle Grocery and it was formed by three families Goldstein/Shapira, Porter and Chait in 1918. The business grew at a steady pace up to 125 stores before they decided to sell out the stores to Kroger Company.   The families had an agreement with Kroger Company that they could leave the business for a period of three years before they could go back into business again if they had decided that way.

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In the meantime there was two families the Moravitz and Weizenbaum who had built their own successful chain of grocery stores named the OK Grocery. In 1931 the five families combined forces and formed what is known today as the Giant Eagle Grocery Stores. Today Giant Eagle is the forty-ninth largest retailer in the United States.   Today the company had 156 company-owned stores and 69 franchised stores. The company also operates 128 fuel station/convenience stores under the GetGo banner. The corporate headquarters is located in the suburban Pittsburg office park in O’Hara Township.

Hours of Operation:   This will vary depending on the location

Minimum Age to Work Here:   16 years old

Positions Available:   Pharmacy Technician, Crew Lead, Deli/Foods ToGo Clerk, GoGetter, Night Crew Team Leader, Grocery Assistant Team Leader, Meat Wrapper, Kitchen Lead, Cake Decorator, Bagger, Cook-Dairy, Journeyman Meat Cutter, Baker, Eagle’s Nest Attendant, Dietitian/Wellness Coach, Meat Sales Clerk, Esthetician, Coordinator — Fuel Station, Gourmet Chef, Health and Beauty Clerk, Seafood Team Member, Cashier, Customer Service Clerk, Grocery Clerk, Night Stock Clerk, Stock Clerk, Fuel Station Attendant, HBW Team Leader, Sales Clerk, Perishable Clerk, Truck Driver, Warehouse Selector, Distribution Supervisor, Receiving Manager, Transportation Supervisor, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   Applicants can no longer negotiate salary and benefit packages since these are all pre-determined by the company.

Job description/Average wage

Cashier: The cashier is responsible for their cash register drawer making sure that it is kept in balance. They are responsible for the customers to make sure that they greet them in a friendly manner, help them with their purchases, and make sure that the customer leaves the store with all their merchandise. They pack the grocery items as they are checking them out and they put the bags in the grocery cart. They keep their counters clean and the side aisle full of merchandise. The average wage for the cashier is $7.97 an hour.

Stock Clerk: The stock clerk is the person who helps to unload merchandise trucks into the stock room. Then the stock clerk will price the merchandise, bring it out to the floor, and then they put it on the shelves as required. The stock clerks also set up end caps to make sure that special items are easily found by the customers. They must also do a procedure called zoning which is the process of removing empty boxes from the shelves and pushing the merchandise forward on the shelf. The average wage for a stock clerk is $8.39 an hour.

Front End Coordinator: The front end coordinator is in charge of the cashiers, the baggers, and the returns desk. They make sure that everyone is doing their jobs, getting breaks when required, and that customer service is being managed. They also make sure that the baggers bring in the empty grocery carts for the customers. The front end coordinator has many job functions in order to keep the operations of this section of the store running smoothly. The average wage for the front end coordinator is $11.65 an hour.


  • Unionized paid wages according to scale
  • Benefits are paid in accordance with union agreement

Atmosphere and Perks

Giant Eagle is one of the best employers in the retail industry.   The company offers various job perks, employment training, rooms for career advancement and professional growth, and a lot more of things that a challenging and fun filled workplace can offer. Any employee would never regret to start their career at Foot Locker. Entry level associates will receive compensated high quality job training, flexible work hours and generous salary. If one becomes qualified associates, more job perks await you. You can get access to more training programs, health and wellness perks, retirement benefits and product discounts. Giant Eagle also provides internships for students and management fast tracking for those employees who would like to get job promotions.

Interview Questions

Why did you choose Giant Eagle?

Do you have a reliable form of transportation just in case you will be called for duty due to absent employees?

Can you cope with the challenges that this workplace poses on you?

Why should the company hire you?

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How are you when it comes to working as part of the team?

Can you work even if you are under stress?

Will you be able to work with multiple tasks?

What do you expect from the company?

Do you think all your skills are suited for the company?

Will you be able to enjoy your job here?

Describe your experiences in the retail industry.

What is customer service?

Interview Tips

The Giant Eagle can be tedious; this begins with a phone interview to determine your availability and interest for the job. Potential applicants will then be shortlisted for an interview. You will be schedule for an interview if you are one of those best candidates that the company wishes to hire. Once you are scheduled for an interview, you should prepare yourself and you should be in a professional demeanor. You will answer interview questions that will show your suitability for the job that will assess your skills and your personality. Stay focused in the conversation and be tactful in answering the questions.

How to apply

You may apply for these positions and many others by applying on their website at:

Please feel free to stop by your local grocery to apply for open



    • i really need a job. what age do they hire at?

    • I am 17yr. old looking for a job. Do they hire before 18?

    • I have worked in the food industry for over 25 years,I believe working at Giant Eagle would be a good job opportunity. I have ran registers,I have done ordering stocking,food preparation.I would like the opportunity to work here. Hopefully I would have the right experience.

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