GCR Tire Center Job Application

History of GCR Tire Center

The first GCR Tire store was opened in 1945 by Mr. Balie Griffith in Odessa, Texas. His son, Balie Griffith, Jr. and two other experienced tire dealers, Harold Crawford and Perry Rose, later joined their businesses in Abilene and Austin, TX paving way to the established The GCR Group, Inc. After acquisition by Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. in 1987, the group was renamed GCR Truck Tire Centers. The year 2001, series of mergers with fellow divisions of Bridgestone/Firestone came about which include Webco Tire & Wheel (Agcricultural & Forestry), Cobre Tire (Mining & Construction), Southern Wheel & Rim, Morgan Tire. GCR also dropped the “Truck” from the name to show our more diverse product & service lines, becoming “GCR Tire Centers”.

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GCR Tire Centers have store locations all over North America with as many as two hundred locations in the United States and Canada all strategically placed to provide products and services wherever our customers need them. The company offers a large variety of products from Bridgestone, Firestone, Dayton, and many others as well.

Job Description/Salary Averages

Commercial Sales:  The prime duty of the person in the commercial sales is to sell a product or service for a company. The sales revenue of the store depends on how the sales representative will work to attain sales goals. Commercial sales representatives are typically assigned territories by a supervisor. He/She may work in the office via phones, while others make sales calls to prospective clients. Basically, his job is to convince customers that their product or service is better than that of the company’s competitor. He/She may even offer a demonstration of what they are selling. The expected annual salary may range between $33K to $35K.

Tire Tech:   Working in the shop, you’re going to assist customers with any problems that they may have.   You’re going to discuss what you’re going to do with the car as well as fix the car when it’s in the back.     You’ll assist with various projects such as aligning tires, balancing, replacing tires and even making inspections.   The average wage can start at $12+ per hour depending upon experience.

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The company offers different benefit package for different positions; thus, to get more details about the offered benefits, you may visit the location stores near you or the company’s website.

How to Apply

If you are interested of applying to the different job vacancies of the company, you may visit the location store to submit your resume and cover letter. You may also click this link to get more information: http://www.gcrtires.com/contact.php.

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