Fleet Feet Job Application

History of Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet, Inc. is the leading industry in franchising specialty footwear, apparel, and accessory stores focused on lifetime fitness sports. The company’s success is attributed to its combined the strengths of individual entrepreneurship and cooperation to build a nationwide retail network that centers on people and community.

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Fleet Feet Sports history commenced when a single store is established in Sacramento,  California, by Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen in 1976.    The business partners began to offer franchising in the year 1980. Sally led Fleet Feet, Incorporated for the following thirteen years, building the number of stores nationwide is headquartered in  Sacramento.  Tom Raynor owned Fleet Feet, Incorporated from Sally in 1993.    From then on, company has continuously grown to a very successful network of stores throughout the country.

Job Description/Wages Ranges

Retail Sales: The person who gets this job will have the tasks of selling retail products to customers; helping walk in customers, as opposed to other types of sales which must sell to customers outside of the store. A retail sales associate must have knowledge of all products that are being sold by the company, and should be able to help a customer get the products they are looking for as well as conduct up-selling.  Annual salary of $25K to $29K is expected.

Manager: He/She is the person who will oversee the entire store operation — managing the staff, monitoring the performance of the store, planning out productive activities to help improve sales and a lot more of management tasks.   You’re going to help assist with opening the store, attending conference meetings and even traveling to other stores if they need help.   The annual salary is $32-$44.

Sales Associate:   The sales associate is tasked to maintain outstanding customer service according to company standards, generate sales, engage in merchandising, and safeguard the company assets. $15K to $22K is the expected annual salary.

Customer Service:    The person assigned in this position   interacts with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services offered by the company. He/She is also responsible in attending to customer needs as well as complaints. Hourly rate of $10 to $12.

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The company offers different benefits for various positions, so better check the company’s website.

How to Apply

You may visit this page http://www.fleetfeetsports.com/about/careers to know more about the careers in Fleet Feet. To apply, you can  download application at http://www.fleetfeetcincy.com/employment.php.

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