Fiesta Mart Job Application

History of Fiesta Mart

Fiesta Mart was founded in 1972 by Donald Bonham and O.C. Mendenhall with the perspective of providing customers with products lines unique to their culture. Fiesta Mart is serving Houston, Austin and the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. The store offers highest quality fresh produce and seafood departments, meat, grocery, world-class delicatessens, beer and fine wines and other specialty products. Other locations are providing fresh Seafood Department, Fresh Deli, Taquerias and Salchichonerias (Mexican-style Hot Deli), in-store bakery providing fresh baked goods daily and an International and Specialty Foods Area which offers products from around the globe.

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Job Description/Wage Averages

Cashier: This person must be knowledgeable with the prices and other promotional discounts offered by the company. He/She should cater the guests’ needs with utmost courtesy and must think about customer satisfaction at all times. You’re going to assist with taking coupons as well as making sure that the customer was happy with his/her purchase.   He/She receives $9 to $10 per hour.

Store Manager: The store manager plans and directs all activities in the store. He/She ensures that the company guidelines and policies are followed by everyone. He/She also makes sure that all employees are working towards the attainment of company goals and objectives. He/She is the in charge of hiring and training potential employees for the company. The annual salary reaches $44k to $48k.

Store Assistant: This position attends to the needs of the customers. He/She assist the customers find their needs and answer their inquiries as well. They know how to help the customers find where the products they need are located.   When the main manager isn’t present in the store, you’ll be in charge of helping with opening, closing as well as ensuring that the store is running according to company policy.   If any problems to arise, it will be your duty to alert the main manager.   The average wage can start around $8   to $11 per hour.

Server: This person is responsible in taking and delivering the orders of the guests. He/She will also attend to the guest needs. He/She expects to receive an annual rate of   $23k to $25k.

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The company’s offered benefits may vary from one position to another. Hence, if you want details on this, you can try checking out the company’s website.

How to Apply

If you are interested about the joining the company’s team, you may visit the store near you or visit this link for your online application.

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