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History of Fatz Café

Fatz Cafe is a casual dining restaurant chain controled by Cafe Enterprises, Inc. which is headquartered in Taylors, South Carolina.   It is a regional restaurant chain with locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Not like mainly chain restaurants, Fatz Cafe does not franchise any of its components. Rather, the company owns each site and relies on operating partners to supervise and administer the achievement of his or her own restaurant.

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Fatz Café was established in 1988 when the founders who was a group of friends conceptualize of a kind of dining experience that is something different. So they set up something that everyone will feel a warm and authentic ambience while dining with great foods from fresh and high quality ingredients.

The restaurant serves delicious American food for really great prices. This paves way for that business success for more than 22 years. At present, the restaurant still offers classic favorites of good value. It now operates 48 FATZ restaurants.

Job Descriptions / Wage Averages

Restaurant Manager: As their Restaurant Manager you are required to supervise the general well being of the restaurant and its many employees. The Manager must acquire some special qualities that he/she must have obtained through training. Several of these are: capability to control and supervise food service operations, capability to take charge of the work of others, capability to organize work schedules for employees and to teach subordinates in food service procedures, capability to maintain a mixture of operating and general records and to prepare reports and to cooperate well with customers requesting service. Your average wage will be $49,000 a year.

Assistant Manager: The job of the Assistant Manager at Fatz Café is normally to assist the Manager and take his/her place in times of absence. The Assistant Manager assists in supervising the operation of the dining room and food service unit, as well as manages the operation of subordinates. He/she is tasked with assisting in planning work schedules and assigning food service personnel duties. And also engages in training and supervising personnel in preparing meals, arranging foods, and serving customers. The Assistant Manager may at times contribute in the cooking and serving of food when demands is much. Another essential duty of the Assistant Manager is to oversee cleaning of facilities and equipment and examine dining rooms and equipment for cleanliness. The position’s average salary is $37,000 a year.

Line Cook: The Line Cook at Fatz Café is commonly charged with preparing the meals on the menu. Other times he/she may be required to organize and cook short order meals. Some other duties consist of supervising and participating in the work of cleaning kitchens, refrigerators, and storerooms, supervising the work of food service workers and instructing or supervising workers assisting in the preparation of food. A good quality awareness of a large assortment of food recipes and considerable knowledge of food values, menu planning, and uses for left-over food are essential advantages the Cook must have. As a Line Cook your annual salary will be $31,000.

Store Keeper: Store Keeper duties are quite concerning and a little bit insisting at Fatz Café. He/she communicates with the kitchen staff, management, cashier, and a host of other employees. It is the work of the Store Keeper to take inventory of the possessions of the store at any given time, relate such to the Manager, accept and discharge supplies when essential, and prominently always be on the lookout for when certain goods or supplies are short in stock. Fatz Café Store Keeper annual salary is $28,000.

Server: The Server serves customer their meals or beverages as demanded. He/she takes food and beverage orders from customers, answers querys regarding prices, substitutions, quality or quantity of menu items, and accessibility of menu items, then delivers food and beverages to tables. Other jobs include removing dishes and utensils, cleaning and dusting tables and chairs. The Server may also be requested to help in setting up and taking down tables and chairs and placing sanitary utensils and napkins on tables. The hourly salary of a server is $9.

General Manager: This position must ensure that all company activity are well planned and well coordinated. He/She is involve in strategic planning and must ensure that everybody will work to attain the goals of the company. He/She must be able to coordinate staff and financial resources in; must possess strong sales building skills, knowledge of profit and loss, excellent communication skills, and a positive, results oriented attitude.

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Chef: It is the chef hands lies the exciting high volume kitchen jobs and assists in establishing and enforcing food specifications, portion control, recipes and sanitation; control food and labor costs. He/She must also ensure that guests will be satisfied with what they pay for.

Cashier: This position has the duties and responsibilities of screening and directing incoming phone calls, handling to-go and pick-up food orders;   help the servers in the processing of bills-of-sale and credit card transactions and to receive payments from customers.

Servers:   The job of the servers helping guests understand the menu offered by the restaurant; providing the needs of the guest promptly and appropriately; helping the guests understand the menu and wine selection; they offer suggestions based on guests’ preferences, and present daily specials.

How to apply

They are always glancing for eminence people to join their Fatz family. They propose a rich and rewarding work environment, competitive pay and benefits, and the opportunity to advance with a growing company. To find out more about joining their company, click the link below.


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