Edwards Cinema Job Application

History of Edwards Cinema of Regal Movie Theaters

Edwards Cinemas is one of the theater chains with IMAX screens and stadium-style seating which makes going out to see a movie worthwhile. This is just one of the theaters of Regal Entertainment Group.

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Regal Entertainment Group  operates the largest and most geographically theater circuit in the United States, with 6,614 screens in 527 theaters in 37 states and the District of Columbia. It owns multi-screen theaters in mid-sized metropolitan markets and suburban throughout the U.S.

Job Description/Wage Averages

Floor Staff: This is an  entry-level position and job duties would include: box office, concession and usher.  Some of the essential functions of the box office and concession cashier are: Customer service, cash handling, proper phone etiquette, and knowledge and enforcement of the MPAA ratings system. The staff is also responsible for ticket sales, cleaning, liaising with customers, food and drink preparation, and in assisting the visors and theater management.   The average wage can start around $8 per hour.

Supervisor: The Supervisor will work with the team to enhance the cinema services of the theater. He/She helps the floor staff to complete their daily task. He/She will be maintaining the company’s high site standards, administration and cash management, addressing and resolving customer queries, attending o the needs of the customers and delivering an excellent service, and providing support and assistance to the management team as necessary.   The average wage can start around $11 per hour.

Theater Operations Manager: Operations Manager, is the key person in the management team. He/She will be supporting the General Manager in the profitable and effective operation of the cinema. He/She is involve in duties like staff management, operational standards, stock management, maintaining standards and managing the overall strategy of the cinema.   The average wage can start around $11 per hour.

General Manager: The General Manager   deals with the staff and the customers. He/She is engaged in strategic planning in order to meet the goals of the company. He/She works in a diverse and fast paced environment, provides effective ongoing leadership and management and ensures that all policies and procedures are adhered to. His duties also include analyzing business data to increase market share and profitability, budget management, overseeing operational standards, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness.   The average wage can start around $14 per hour.

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The company offers benefit package that differs from one position to another; you may check on the company’s website for more details.

How to Apply

If you intend to apply for any position in the company, you may apply online through http://www.regmovies.com/corporate-job-opportunities/Theatre_Job_Openings.aspx.


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