Doubletree Hotels Job Application

History of Doubletree Hotels

Founded back in 1969, the DoubleTree headquarters are located in McLean, Virginia.   Today, you can find more than 220 DoubleTree hotels / resorts located throughout the World in countries such as Canada, Costa Rica and more.   Most of the Doubletree Hotels that you come across are independently owned, and operated by franchise owners.   They employ more than 130,000 employees throughout the entire world.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Front Desk Agent: You will help guests checking in, where you will give them the key to their room, tell them a little bit about the hotel, as well as answer the phone, and assist guests already staying at the hotel.   This job pays around $8 to $10 a hour.

Front Desk Manager: The manager at the front desk will watch over all the agents.   You’re going to help assist the customers, as well as help override transactions and more.   The front desk manager will help with overriding transactions, as well as making sure that the customer is happy with his/her purchase.   The average wage is $9 to $13 a hour.

Cook: In the restaurant area of the hotel, you will be in charge of prepping, and cleaning the kitchen.   You will open up the kitchen, as well as help close it, when your shift requires you to do so.   You will also be in charge of cooking food to the hotels qualifications.   The average wage is $9 to $11 a hour.

Housekeeping / Maid: You will be responsible for cleaning the hotel rooms to the company’s standard.   You will clean sheets, vacuum, dust, as well as stock items in the bathroom, etc.   You will also clean the linens in the laundry room, and more.   The average wage is $7 to $9 a hour.

Supervisor: The supervisor is going to watch over an entire shift when the main manager isn’t present in the store themselves.   The supervisor is going to assign tasks, help with other associates, as well as make sure that everything is going according to the corporate standard.   The average wage is $10 to $15 a hour.

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Since Doubletree hotels are franchised owned, you will find that your benefits are going to vary.   It will all depend on if you’re part time, or full time.   You will want to consult with a manager to find out what your benefits are.

How to apply

You can either request an application in the hotel, or if you wish, you can view openings online, as well as applications, where you can send it in via the Internet.   You will want to follow this link to get more information.



    • how can i work here because i was laid off from my one job i have for 8 yr and i am look for a good change because i feel like working somewhere that people that would like to have me and i am look for a good paying job as well to and i hope you will be able to hire me because i am willing to learn to and you want have no problem with me what so ever and i do pay attention to my boss and i want to me you proud of me because i was good what i was doing for this my last job i come to work on time and i never been late at all

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