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History of DHL

Founded back in 1069, today, you can find the DHL main headquarters located in Bonn, Germany.   As of 2009, they have more than 500,000 employees that are located throughout the whole World.   In 2009, DHL gave domestic delivery in the United States, making FedEx, as well as UPS one of the main competitors.

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Hours of Operation:   Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:30pm; Closed Saturday and Sunday

Minimum Age to Work Here:   16 years old

Positions Available:   Customer Service Representative, Driver/Courier, Sales Associate, Transportation, Account Executive, Union Dockworker, Full-time Temporary Contact Recruiter, Customer Facing Agent, District Sales Manager, Field Service Agent, Implementation Specialist, Part-Time Imports Agent, Inside Sales Representative, International Cross Trade Specialist, Service Manager, Office Services Agent, Operations Manager, Sr. Pricing Analyst, Supply Chain Specialist, Warehouse Agent, Warehouse/Ramp Agent

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   Set hourly rate.   There is no room for negotiation.

Job Description / Average Wage

Customer Service: You will answer phones, assist customers with their orders, as well as answer any questions that they have.   You will track their package, as well as make sure that their package arrives in one piece.   If there any problems that do arise with the customer, you’ll do your best to help resolve the issue. The average wage is $8 to $13 a hour.

Supervisor:   As a customer service supervisor, you’ll be working in the call center watching over all the employees ensuring that the jobs are being done.   If any problems arise, you’ll do your best to assist the customer as well as override any particular situation.   This position will usually start at $13+ per hour.

Driver: Your duties will include delivering packages to businesses, as well as households.   You will make sure that the customer arrives in a timely fashion.   Each day, you will receive your route, as well as where you need to go.   You will help customers with any issues, if you do confront someone at the door / business.   The average wage is $12+ a hour.

Field Supervisor:   As a field supervisor, you’ll be in charge of watching over the entire territories.   You’ll be responsible for making sure that all drivers are doing their job as well as assist any customer with any complaint that they may have in regards to a driver’s performance.   The average wage for this position can range from $42,000 to $66,000 a year.

Package Handler: You will work in the warehouse, sorting boxes, as well as loading up delivery trucks.   You will assist customers in the factory with any duties that they need help with.   You will be asked to help with heavy lifting, and more.   The average wage is $9+ a hour.


  • Health care package that includes vision, dental, and more.
  • Paid vacation, as well as personal, and sick days.
  • Retirement package that includes 401K
  • Discounted purchases

Atmosphere and Perks

DHL workers enjoy the job benefits of industry-competitive pay rates, comprehensive job training, and work schedule flexibility. Eligible DHL associates may receive further work benefits, including 401(k) plans, health insurance options, and additional employment perks. The company also offers more rooms for professional growth and development.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to apply for a job here?

Can you assure us that you can be an excellent employee for the company?

Why should the company hire you?

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How would you deal a customer who is very angry?

Are you able to lift moderately heavy packages?

Could you work for a long period of time while lifting, turning around or bending down?

How old do I have to be to work for DHL?

Do you have a clean driving record?

How well do you work under deadlines?

Are you good with directions?

When are you available to work here?

Why did you choose DHL?

Interview Tips

The job interview process with DHL takes place after the series of screenings. When you are called for an interview, make sure to do your best. Prepare and find some info about the company. Arrive on the interview venue on time or at least 15 minutes in advance. The job interview questions will usually cover about your personality like your strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interest in the company as well as your previous job experiences.  During the interview, show confidence by sitting up straight, maintaining good eye contact, and speaking in a calm, clear voice. Provide brief and complete answers to all DHL interview questions.

How to apply

If you’re looking to get a job with DHL, the best way to apply for a job is simply by heading to their career portal.   If you want to view openings, you can view all of the openings at this website.



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