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History of Delta Airlines

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, it is the world’s largest airline as of 2010.   With over 350 destinations that they fly to, you will find that they go to more than 66 countries.   You can find some of their biggest hubs in Atlanta, as well as Cincinnati, Detroit and more.   With over 700 airplanes, they employ more than 75,000.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Flight Attendant: As a flight attendant, you will go through various background checks, as well as training.   You will be in charge of working on the airliner as it takes off to a particular destination.   You will assist guests, as well as serve drinks, prepare them, as well as help the customers with whatever they need on the plane.   You will also educate them on the safety, before the flight leaves.   The average wage ranges from $17 to $40 a hour.

Customer Service Agent: As an agent, you’re going to be able to work the gates, when customers check in.   You will help them with getting their tickets, as well as purchasing them.   You will weigh their luggage, as well as provide tags, and answer any questions that they may have.   The average wage is $11 to $19 a hour.

Baggage Handler: As a baggage handler, you will be responsible for the plane’s luggage.   You will round up the luggage in the airport, and bring it to the plane, where you will load up the plane.   Once planes arrive, you will also unload the luggage, and bring it to baggage return.   The average wage is from $11 to $22 a hour.

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Ramp Agent: The ramp agent is going to make sure that the ramp and everything around the airline is running smoothly.   You’re going to ensure that the airline is being fueled, the baggage is being brought onto the plane properly, as well as ensuring that everything with the airline is at 100%.   The average wage for a ramp agent is $8 to $14 a hour.


  • Free, and discounted travel for families.
  • Great discounts.
  • Great medical package that includes dental, vision and more.
  • Life insurance program.
  • Disability benefits that include both long term,   as well as short term.
  • Retirement plan that includes 401k.
  • Profit sharing.
  • Paid time off that includes vacations, personal time and more…

How to apply

The best way to apply for a Delta job is simply by looking for openings on Delta’s job openings page.   You can follow this link to see what job openings are available.


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