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History of Damon’s Grill

Founded back in 1979, Damon’s Grill is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.     Known for their BBQ, as well as bar type atmosphere, you can find more than 45 locations throughout the United States, including Tennesse, South Carolina and many more.   All of their restaurants are currently franchised owned.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Waitress / Waiter: Working on the waitstaff here will require that you will assist customers with their order.   You will take orders, refill drinks, as well as make sure that they have everything that they need.   You will also bring food to them, as well as ensuring that the food is cooked to perfection.   The average wage is $2 to $5 a hour, plus tips.

Line Cook / Kitchen / Cook: Working in the kitchen has many various duties.   You will help prep the kitchen, as well as stock ingredients, cook food to corporate policy, as well as making sure that every order is cooked to perfection.   You will also keep the kitchen cleaned when the time is slower.   The average wage is around $8 to $11 a hour.

Assistant Manager / Supervisor: Watching over a shift, you will make sure that the whole restaurant is running at 100%. You will help assist the waitstaff, as well as ensure that the kitchen is running properly.   You will help open the kitchen, as well as close it down.   Managers report that they start off at $33,000 a year+

Kitchen Manager: This position takes charge of the operations in the kitchen- managing the resources and the personnel of the company, the kitchen equipment, and looking into other necessities in the kitchen.

Host/Hostess: This position supervises the activities of dining room and mans the dining room personnel to provide fast and courteous service to guests; schedules and reserves dining reservations; provides menus; responds to complaints; inspects dining room serving stations to ensure neatness and cleanliness; hires, trains and discharges the dining room personnel.

Bartender: This person will provide beverages according to recipe. He/She is to maintain a well-presented, well-stocked, and clean beverage station.

Dishwasher: This person is responsible in ensuring that all dishes, glasses, utensils and equipment are cleaned, sanitized and stored in the proper place. He/She is also to make sure that the kitchen is kept cleaned and organized.

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Prep Cook: This person has to prepare/cook food for guests; ensure that all equipment, utensils and working areas are maintained for cleanliness; coordinate prep amounts with managers, and ensure safe food handling guidelines.

Cashier: A cashier operates the cash register and processes the payments as well as processes the cash payments and non-cash payments; he is to ensure customer satisfaction too. He/She may answer phone calls and customer inquiries as well.


Depending upon your location, as well as if you’re part time, or full time, you’re going to find that your benefits are going to vary.   Your best way to find out about your benefits is by consulting with your hiring manager.

How to apply

To apply for a job, you can request a job application in any local Damon’s restaurant.   You may also download an application here.   You will find that you can’t currently view any openings online.

>> Download Damon’s Grill Job Application


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