Cracker Barrel Manager Salary

In Cracker Barrel, like in any other restaurants, the managers are the main persons responsible for keeping it in the best shape possible.   You have to cover practically everything, from the cleanliness to customer service and even to the punctuality and attendance of the other personnel.   Since there are a couple of types of managers in this restaurant chain but all are under the control and supervision of the general manager who is turn, directly under the owner of the restaurant.

The word fit to describe the tasks of the manager is “overseeing”.     This word means that the manager has to look at the daily operations of the restaurant at a large perspective while still paying attention to every detail.

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Associate Manager

  • Salary: The salary of an associate manager in Cracker Barrel usually plays within $37,000 to $57,000 annually and greatly depends of the manager’s experience.
  • Bonuses: A $2,500 cash bonus is given every year and may reach up to $8,000 if the manager’s performance if observed to be excellent throughout the year.
  • Stock Bonus: The owners of Cracker Barrel do not give bonuses in the form of stocks in the company.
  • Profit Sharing: The proprietor of the restaurant may allow profit sharing depending on many things.   For the whole year, Cracker Barrel may give up to $1,000 as your share on the profit.


General Manager

  • Salary: Including the basic compensation and bonuses, the general manager of Cracker Barrel may take home up to $70,000 at the minimum or $105,000 maximum.   The basic salary of a general manager Cracker Barrel ranges from $56,000 to $85,000, annually.
  • Bonuses: Cash bonuses are given to the general manager.   On an average, he may take around $33,000 throughout the year, but this could go down to $14,000 and reach $45,000 sometimes.   The amount of the cash bonus is highly dependent on the branch and his performance in keeping an eye on the operations of the restaurant.
  • Stock Bonus: The owners reserve the company’s stocks to themselves and do not give stock bonus to their managers and other employees.
  • Profit Sharing: The prerogative in sharing the company’s income throughout a specific period of time is reliant on the owners’ decision and Cracker Barrel usually doesn’t give profit sharing to their general managers.


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  • Salary: With an annual basic salary ranging between $48,000-56,000, a manager is highly paid personnel in Cracker Barrel.   If we will include all types of bonuses in this amount, the manager can earn up to $50,000 – $64,000 for the whole year.
  • Cash Bonus: Excellent performance may earn the manager an additional $8,000 for the whole year.   On the average, a manager in Cracker Barrel will get to take home $5,000 worth of cash bonuses.
  • Stock Bonus: Like other managers in Cracker Barrel, the manager will not receive stock bonus from the owner of the restaurant.
  • Profit Sharing: This type of incentive is usually not available for the managers.

Retail Manager

  • Salary: The retail manager has different scope responsibility compared to the other types of managers and this earns him around $50,000 to $58,000 every year, however, the true salary of this manager may be more or less than these amounts.
  • Cash Bonus: Cash bonuses are given to hard-working retail managers.   With excellent performance supplying the restaurant with the necessary services, the retail manager may get us much as $16,000 worth of bonuses every year.   However, for those having average performance of task, they may get around $9,000 as a bonus.
  • Stock Bonus: The stocks of Cracker Barrel are not available to be giving as bonuses at this moment, so a retail manager will not receive any stock bonus.
  • Profit Sharing: Profit sharing is not common in this company but they give generous amounts for the cash bonus.

General Manager — Intern

  • Salary: Cracker Barrel accepts interns to train students in different colleges and universities for managerial work.   Since they are helping the company group their own simple way, they will be given a monthly stipend worth $4,800 to $53,000.
  • Cash Bonus: Interns are not regular employee and will only stay with Cracker Barrel for about a month. For this reason, interns for the general manager position are not given any cash bonus.
  • Stock Bonus: For the same reason mentioned above, the interns will not be given with stocks as a bonus.

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