Chase Bank Job Application

History of JP Morgan Chase Bank

Founded back in 1799, Chase Bank is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.     Today, the company holds over 200,000 employees, and does over 55 billion in revenue annually.

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Up until 2000, they were known as Chase Manhattan Bank, but once they merged with J.P Morgan and Co., they are now known as Chase National Bank.   They currently have over 5,000 branches, making them one of the larges banks in the USA.

Hours of Operation:   Mon-Thurs: 9:00am-5:00pm; Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm; Sat: 9:00am-1:00pm

Minimum Age to Work Here:   16 years old

Positions Available:   Teller, Mortgage Loan Officer, Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Professional I, Sales Assistant, Personal Banker, Loan Servicer I, Bank Manager

Background Check Required?  Yes

Negotiation:   Set hourly rate.   There is no room for negotiation.

Job Description / Average Wage

Customer Service: You will help customers set up accounts such as savings, checking, as well as CDs.   You will also help them with any loan questions, as well as mortgage issues that they have.   From time to time, you   may also be asked to work as a teller if someone calls in sick, etc.   The average wage is $11 to $14 a hour.

Personal Banker: When you work as a personal banker, you’re going to help customers that come into the bank itself.   You’re going to assist them with opening up an account, setting a credit card, making a wire transfer and more.   You will also assist with various other duties such as filing paperwork, helping with phone calls and more.   The average wage is anywhere from $26,000 to $48,000 a year.

Teller: You will either work at the front desk, or the drive thru.   You will assist with deposits, check cashing, as well as make sure as answer any questions that they may have.   The starting wage for a teller is around $11 to $14 a hour.

Assistant Manager: You will oversee operations when the main branch manager isn’t present at the bank.   You will help assist customers, assign tasks, as well as help customers with any issues that they may have.   The average wage for an assistant manager is $41,000 to $52,000 a year.

Branch Manager: You’re going to be in charge of running the entire branch itself.   You’re going to make sure that the entire bank is running at 100%.   Here, you’re going to assign tasks, as well as help other tellers with any jobs that they may have.   The average wage is going to vary anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 a year.


  • 401(K)
  • Full retirement plan paid by the firm
  • Fantastic health benefits such as vision, medical, dental and more.
  • Disability
  • Life / Accident Insurance
  • Stock purchase program
  • Time off with pay and more…

Atmosphere and Perks

Employees at Chase will benefit to the company’s wide range of benefits. Even a new-hire employee enjoys the job benefits of flexible scheduling, paid training, and competitive pay for the banking industry. Qualified Chase employees can also enjoy other employee benefits like healthcare perks, financial planning bonuses, and further employment benefits such as legal services, matching gifts programs, and a tuition assistance program. This is indeed the right place to kick off a career in the banking industry. You will not only be offered with a lot of benefits but also more rooms for professional growth and development.

Interview Questions

What is your experience in the field of finance?

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How extensive that experience is? Will that be an enough reason for the company to hire you?

What are your qualifications that will give you the advantage over other candidates?

What will you do with the unhappy customer?

How will you describe quality customer service?

How will you apply customer service? How will you use it to encourage customers to patronize the company?

What will you do if you have caught employees stealing money and other properties of the company?

What kind of personality do you have?

How long do you intend to work in this company?

Interview Tips

If you want to be considered for an interview with this company, you should first submit all the necessary documents for employment processes. Once you are contacted for an interview schedule, you must be very lucky. You have to prepare for the chance to be interviewed and to prove your worth for the company. The interview questions are usually personal to gauge the kind of personality that you have, your communication skills and as well as your ability to deal with other people. Answer all the questions tactfully and make sure to watch your language.

How to apply

You can either request an application in your local branch, of if you want to search out job openings in your area, you can find that you can start the process here.   Search by either a job type, or search by your location to see what is available.   You can start the process here.



    • My current job is in sales and I am currently looking for new opportunities in the banking field. I enjoy working with the public, so I feel that Personal Banker would be in my best interest. I have alto of experience as a cashier and I am good with handling money, counting back change and balancing out any accounts. I am very flexible with my schedule and would enjoy working for chase bank. I’m just curious if they offer a flexible schedule?

    • I am interested in working at your end ad I am working for 5 years till now at Hsbc Egypt as a customer service representative

    • Never worked at USA but I have visited for 4 times before and enjoyed what I have seen. What are the VISA requirements?

    • my current job is in special sales finance and assistant manager I am currently looking for new Opportunities in the banking field. I enjoy working with the public,so I feel that a personal Banker would be in my best interest. I have a lot of experience as a cashier, sales person and I am good with handling money,counting bank change and balancing out any accounts. I am very flexible with my schedule ad would enjoy working for chase bank.I’m just curious if they offer a flexible schedule?

    • I have worked for a company for 15 years doing Customer Service,Accounts Receivables,Codig of credits,E filing,Excel spreadsheets,Invoicing.Working with Sales Reps as well as our Corp Office,Vendors.New accounts and New contracts,as well keeping all up dated.Receptionist,Mufti tasking was my strong points as well as mufti line phones.Would look forward to working with Chase Bank.

    • I would really like a chance to work for Chase bank, I think it would be a great experience for me. I would like to learn to be a teller.

    • It would be of great experience for me to work for Chase Bank, it would be of great experience for me to become a bank teller.

    • I need a clerk or teller job

    • im looking for something better and you guys came to mind im good with people i ve been working in retail for bout 2 years now people skills are one of my best

    • i would like to join your team of employees and i believe together we will climb to greater heights

    • I would like to join the team to establish a new career and goals. I know I am a team motivated person, making my customer happy, making sure they return and leave with happy smile. I am so desired to work for Chase because of the people teams motivated the work. I enjoyed seeing my customer happy!!

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