Everyone loves to shop at the mall. They have many various shops, restaurants and more. If you want to work here, you’re going to find that there are a lot of jobs available. What you’re going to want to do is check with your local mall to see what stores are located in there, as well as which ones are hiring.

Occupations available: Retail, restaurant, customer service, janitorial, security

Education needed: Depending on the job, you’re going to find that most stores in the mall won’t require a degree. When you get to the higher up jobs that are based in the corporate or office, they may require some sort of experience.

Most of the stores listed below are stores that are going to be in your local mall. Your results may vary though.

Tillys Job Application Online

History of Tillys Founded back in 1982, Tilly’s is now a fast growing retailer chain that focuses on Clothing, Shoes, as well as accessories.   As of 2010, they are operating more than 100+ stores in states such as Florida, Maryland, Louisiana,   ...

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Gymboree Job Application

History of Gymboree Founded back in 1976, this retail chain can be found in most shopping malls.   You’re going to find that they primarily focus on kid’s / children’s clothing.   Today they have over 900 stores located throughout the ...

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Carter’s Job Application

History of Carter’s Carter’s is also known as the William Carter Company.   They are a major manufacturer of clothing that is geared toward children, as well as infants, and newborns.   Founded back in 1865, you can find their clothing store...

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Nike Outlet Job Application

History of Nike Founded back in 1978, Nike today stands as one of the biggest shoe retailers in the whole World.   Traded on the NYSE under “NKE”, the company’s headquarters can be found in Beaverton, Oregon.   They employ more than 30...

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Oshkosh B’Gosh Job Application Online

History of OshKosh B’Gosh Founded back in 1895, today they are a subsidiary of the company, Carter’s.   Today, they are known for their high quality children’s clothing that includes shirts, pants, shoes and more.   The are highly know...

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The Body Shop Job Application

History of The Body Shop The Body Shop was founded back in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick.   Today, they have over 2,400 stores in more than 61 countries throughout the world.   Today, they have over 30,000 employees.   You can find a majority of the Body ...

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Urban Behavior Job Application Online

History of Urban Behavior Founded back in 1989, you can find most of the Urban Behavior stores in a shopping mall near you.   With over 40 stores in Canada alone, you can find their stores across the World in the United States, Middle East and more.   Y...

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Banana Republic Job Application Online

History of Banana Republic Bought by GAP back in 1983, you can find a majority of your Banana Republic stores either in a shopping mall, or outlet mall near your home.   With over 500 stores located throughout the world, the entire GAP brands have 150,00...

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Armani Exchange Job Application Online

History of Armani Exchange An international Italian Fashion House, Armani was founded back in 1975.   Today they have over 4,500 employees, as well as 175+ stores that are located Worldwide.   You can find these stores in your local shopping mall in cou...

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Orange Julius Job Application Online

History of Orange Julius Founded back in the late 1920s, Orange Julius today is known for their fruity based beverages.   By the late 1980s, the Orange Julius company was bought out by Dairy Queen.   Since then, you will find that most of these location...

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