Candlewood Suites Job Application Online

History of Candlewood Suites

Started back in 1995, the Candlewood Suites today have more than 150 hotels throughout the United States.   In 2004, they were acquired by IHG, and are now apart of that massive hotel family.   Candlewood Suites are known for having fully equipped kitchens, living rooms, an on site store, and more.   It isn’t your typical hotel.

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Job Description / Average Wage

Front Desk: You will help assist customers as they come into the hotel.   You will help them with their room, as well show them where their room is.   You will also help assist them with any questions that they may have.   You will answer phones in regards to rooms, and try your best to solve their problems.   In your downtime, you will be in charge of help with cleaning of the lobby, refilling coffee, and more.   The average pay is anywhere from $7 to $9 a hour.

Night Audit:   Working the night shift, you’re going to be responsible for helping with basic accounting as well as checking guests as they come into the hotel.   You’ll answer the phone and help guests with any problems that they may have.   If there are any problems that do arise, you will consult with the main manager of the store.   The average night audit starts at $9+ a hour.

Maid / Housekeeping: You will be in charge of cleaning the rooms on a daily basis.   You will clean the sheets, change them, as well as vacuum, dust, as well as stock the bathrooms when items need to be stocked.   You will also clean linens, and more in the laundry room.   The average wage is $7+ a hour, plus tips.

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Manager:   Working as the main manager of this hotel chain, you’ll oversee all procedures in the hotel.   You’ll assist employees with their job, attend meetings with corporate as well as make sure that there are no issues with the hotel overall.   The average wage for this position starts at $34,000 per year.


  • Great, competitive pay and benefits.
  • Room to grow within the company.
  • Incentives, as well as bonuses.
  • Medical, Dental, as well as Vision.
  • Long term and short term disability.
  • Paid time off for holidays, personal days.
  • Health, wellness programs, and more…

How to apply

To apply for a job at Candlewood Suites, you can apply via a few different ways.   You can request a job application in the hotel itself, or if you want to apply online, you will be able to find employment opportunities online by following this link.



    • Haven’t work here yet but have heard good things.

    • hi my name is Rebecca and i have not been employed here before but i have heard great things about it since my friend cindy works there.

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