Boston Market Job Application

History of Boston Market

Boston Market was one of the many ventures that McDonald’s Corporation bought into and expanded into the super restaurant that it is today. The original Boston Market was created by Steven Kolow and Michael Young of Vero Beach, Florida. The young men opened the first Boston Market December 1985 in Newton, Massachusetts and then they opened up the second Boston Market in Vero Beach their hometown. The chain grew very rapidly in the early 1990’s when McDonald’s initially purchased the company for its real estate.   McDonald’s realized the value in the name and the products and kept the restaurants going until they decided to sell all the chain stores to Sun Capital Partners in August of 2007.

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Boston Market has restaurants in the Northeastern United States with about 530 company owned restaurants in 28 states. Today they have about 14,000 employees that are working in the United States. They did open up restaurants in Toronto, Canada and the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Australian. The stores specialized in rotisserie chicken and a large variety of side dishes and at one point were known as Boston Chicken. They offer ham and turkey along with specialty sandwiches today along with a large variety of side dishes.

Job Description/Average Wage

Server: The server is the one who stands behind the counter and takes the customer’s request putting the food on their plate as they go down the cafeteria style line. The customers select the main dish along with several side dishes or they may select to have a bread board sandwich with a side dish. The server average wage is $7.32 an hour.

Crew Member: The crew member works in the back kitchen area helping to prepare the delicious foods that are being served to the customers. Some of the crew members work the front floor area cleaning off the tables and dumping the trash. The average wage for a crew member is $7.62 an hour.

Shift Manager: The shift manager is going to watch over the entire shift while the main manager is on duty.   This manager is going to help with assigning tasks, as well as making sure that the entire restaurant is running at 100%.   You’re going to also help with many of the tasks that many have to perform on a daily basis.   The average wage is anyhwere from $9 to $15 a hour.

Team Leader: The team leader is in charge of both the front end and back end of the store making sure that the entire employee’s are doing their jobs, the food is being properly prepared, and that the service to the customers is being handled promptly and politely. The average wage for a team leader is $47,000 a year.

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  • Medical, Prescription, and Vision
  • Employer Matched 401 (k)
  • Flexible Spending Account Plans
  • Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan
  • Optional Life Insurance Plans
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability

How to apply

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