AMD Job Application

History of AMD

AMD or Advanced Micro Devices is a company that offers technological services. Its expertise is one of the leader of innovation nowadays. This American company is a developer of computer processors and other computer related equipments and gadgets. They sell products from different kinds of processors, motherboards and personal computers. From computer technology, they extended their market products to digital mobiles, automobiles and game consoles just to name a few. Founded on May 1, 1969 the company is now known as the second largest global suppliers based on x6 architecture and is one of the leading and largest supplier of graphics processing units.

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Job Description / Wage Average

Product Marketing Manager: This job plays an important role on how the company’s products will sell on the market. He/She is the leader of the team that is responsible in creating new ideas for making new products as well as keeping the existing products up to date so that it will be salable to the consumers. He/She will be working in line with other business head departments so that the ideas created will come into reality. One has to have a wide range of ideas and a clear perspective on how strategies in creating new products may be able to help the company gain profitability. The annual wage average of this position is $82,000 to 113,000.

Applications Engineer: In every computer system program of a company there will be a need for maintenance in order for it to keep its optimum level of functioning. An applications engineer is the one responsible for this kind of maintenance. This engineer manages the hardwares and softwares of the company for configuration and maintenance. The wage average of this position ranges from $52,000 to $63,000 annually.

Software   Engineer: This engineer is responsible in creating and developing softwares for the company. After these developments come into life, a software engineer is also responsible in evaluating if the end product is suited for the company’s use as well as for sales in the market. The annual wage average for this position ranges from $60,000 to $96,000.

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How to Apply

The company encourages interested persons to apply online. You should create a profile on their site for you to be able to submit your resume. Current job opportunities and other job criteria that you are interested are listed at their website.


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