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History of AIG

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a holding company for a network of subsidiaries mainly connected in insurance and insurance shared activities, including property, casualty, life, financial services, retirement savings products, asset management, and aircraft leasing. The company functions in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions, and its merged profits make it the biggest U.S.-based international insurance association and one of the biggest insurance firms in the globe. AIG is the primary underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance in the United States and embraces the number two position in the U.S. life insurance sector. The corporation, whose initial roots were in Asia, has had a lively history of mergers, attainments, and consolidations, and under the well-known stewardship of Maurice R. Hank Greenberg from the late 1960s into the early 21st century the company has grown-up into a worldwide insurance colossal.

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Job Description/Average Wage

Programmer Analyst: The daily duties and responsibilities of Programmer Analyst are as stated below:

  • Designing and proposing original alterations in application systems.
  • Developing competence in the creation and protection of different data base resources as well as managing a variety of activities connected with data base administration.
  • Executing a variety of tasks related to application programming.
  • Executing broad range of activities associated with application analysis, programming and design purposes.
  • Developing, valuing, and improving installation and prepared procedures for a variety of necessities like hardware, security, software storage, network, and communication systems.
  • Working on the way to adapting and understanding operating interrelationships between operating systems and company applications.

The average wage for this position is $53,918 a year.

Underwriter:   As an underwriter, you’ll make a decision whether applications for insurance cover should be acknowledged, and on what terms. You’ll evaluate a hazard according to the likelihood of a claim being made. You’re every day activities will vary consequently, but may include:

  • Learning insurance proposals.
  • Assembling and assessing conditions information.
  • Calculating probable hazard and deciding how much individuals or organizations should compensate.
  • Deciding whether the hazard should be split with a re-insurer.
  • Visiting brokers or prospective customers and preparing lines.
  • Liaising with professionals, such as surveyors or doctors, for hazard assessment.
  • Gathering information and different types of reports such as medical records from professionals.

The average wage is around $47,000 — 85,000 a year.

Financial Analyst:   As the Financial Analyst of the company, you will examine financial information to produce forecasts of business, industry, and economic situations for use in making investment decisions. Accumulate spreadsheets and portray charts and graphs used to exemplify technical reports, using computer. Estimate and contrast the comparative quality of diverse securities in a specified industry. Other duties include:

  • Understand data influencing investment programs, for example price, yield, stability, future trends in investment risks, and economic pressures.
  • Sustain knowledge and stay side by side of developments in the fields of industrialized technology, business, finance, and financial theory.
  • Arrange plans of accomplishment for investment based on financial analyses.
  • Present oral and written reports on all-purpose economic trends, individual corporations, and whole industries.

The average wage is around $50,000 to $100,000 annually.

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How to apply

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